Taking a group of pupils on a cruise is a great way to supplement their joy of dancing and also encourage pupils from across all of your classes to get to know one other and socialise though dancing. Having the opportunity to organise this kind of event with confidence also further enhances your standing amongst these adults; taking classes whilst on-board is great fun for them with specially arranged times for lessons, get-together’s whilst cruising and matching dining arrangements.

Cruise Performers offer:

A tailored holiday to suit your schools requirements based on dance styles, the sought after ship facilities, pricing, and suitable dates

Free spaces onboard for teachers (subject to numbers)

Escorted pre-cruise ship visit for the schools principal to familiarise themselves with the ship

Fully backed and ATOL/ABTA bonded travel agent with vast experience in organising group trips

Extensive experience of cruise ships, ports of embarkation/ports of call

On-hand advice from a dance teacher of 32 years!

UK sailings on many cruise ships/cruise lines available: saving on flights, baggage restrictions and flight costs

Cruising has never been so popular, and with all meals included as standard you will be very pleased to know that prices are very competitive in comparison with land-based hotels. The service onboard is excellent and the food wonderful! Being at sea and dancing seems to be a dream many have, so here is your chance to bring the dreams of your pupils to a reality.

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