Here at Cruise Performers we offer a truly unique experience for dance schools and students alike. 


When you are looking at the pricing, please don’t think that you can find a price online for the same holiday, as this simply isn’t true... The packages that we offer are unique and cannot be bought online or indeed via any other travel agent.


Here is why: 


In many instances, the web price may appear to offer a saving but in many cases there may be some prices within the group that actually result in a higher expense.


We work incredibly hard to encourage the cruise lines to 'bend' the group rules to actually allow your dance group members to PERFORM on board.


We work closely with the cruise lines to ensure that everyone in the group is linked: we arrange same time dining, group members being sat together in the restaurant and do our best to ensure that we can offer the best located cabins on the ship at the time of booking.

We visit the ship prior to your cruise departure and liaise with the Cruise Director to ensure that he understands the needs of your group and to ensure that all the rehearsals and actual performances are suitable for your dance group.

Cruise Performers have to cover the cost for the sound, lighting and use of the stage for all the groups that perform.

Your Cruise Performers representative is committed to being available 24/7 at the time of the cruise departure and during your time away to ensure that if any element should not be as expected, we are on hand to resolve any issues as quickly as we can.


These few elements along with the administration and support that we offer each group make the experience truly unique and therefore some of the prices may vary.  However, you have our assurance that we will always strive to get the best price for you and on many occasions we do indeed pass on great savings to your group. 

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